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Hydropeptide Facials

Hydropeptide facials are designed to leave skin youthfully plump, smooth, radiant and visibly lifted, in one treatment with continued improvement in the days after. Powerful peptides instantly restore healthy skin structure and hydration. Carefully selected selected botanicals detoxify and rejuvenate. Every Hydropeptide treatment combats telltale signs of aging with the option to customize your treatment to suit your skincare needs.

  • Hydropeptide Anti Wrinkle Facial

    Hydropeptides signature facial. This relaxing “no downtime” treatment infuses skin with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of 17 peptides and proteins. After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumped.

    • $14060 min
    • $700course of six
  • Hydropeptide Anti-stress Facial

    Keep skin soothed, hydrated and protected from stress and harsh weather conditions. This facial resurfaces with enzymes and lactic acid while Echinacea revitalizes and hydrates whilst peptides renew and rejuvenate. After one treatment skin is hydrated, smoother and glowing. Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.

    • $12060 min
    • $600course of six
  • Hydropeptide Brightening Facial

    Brightening facial increases brightness, reduces dark spots, exfoliates and soothes, helping protect against further free radical damage with a potent dose of antioxidents. After one treatment skin is glowing more even, smoothed and toned.

    • $16060 min
    • $800course of six
  • Hydropeptide Calming Recovery Facial

    Sensitive skin will be left glowing after this soothing treatment. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to protect skin and restore hydration. Peptides and a botanical stem cell help to promote an even skin tone by reducing the appearance of redness. Skin appears soothed, refreshed, for wedding photos and more even.

    • $14060 min
    • $700course of six
  • Hydropeptide Acne Clarifying Facial

    Improves skin clarity while combating acne and unbalanced skin. A combination of salicylic acid and acne fighting peptides improve skin smoothness and balance oil production. Unclog pores and speed up skin cell turnover while enhancing an overall glow and revealing healthy skin.

    • $14060 min
    • $700course of six
  • Hydropeptide Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

    Incorporate the power of natures own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. This advanced Mineral Water facial will re-energise your own skin cells,increase hydration, reduce wrinkles firm and lift skin.

    • $9045 min
    • $450course of six

hp-logoSince 2004,Hydropeptide has revolutionized skincare through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and enhance skins natural luminosity. With over 60 peptides, antioxidant rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluaronic acid, the award winning daily care and professional collection offer targeted customizable results driven regimens for all skin types.




This non invasive facial treatment works by stimulating the skins cellular activity and functions when exposed to the light. Their interaction leads to a photo response making the cells “think” and “act” younger, resulting in collagen synthesis and healing.

  • Omnilux Facial

    Using LED technology to boost cell function, minimize fine lines, improve hydration and detoxify skin. Increases collagen and elastin production.

    • $10060 min
    • $900course of ten
    • $50add on to any facial

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